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Long-serving staff at MQI say goodbye

Staff presented with their parting gifts during the retirement ceremony at MQI, Wildey, St.Michael.

‘I would do it all over again’. That’s how Anthony Forde, the longest serving staffer at multi-brand automotive dealership McEnearneyQuality Inc. (MQI), summed up his 50 years of service with the company.

Beginning with the company when it’s Chapel Street, Bridgetown location, Forde told the gathering that retiring was like leaving home.

Among 10 members of staff who together gave more than three centuries of service to the company, Forde said starting a new life will be challenging.

“Sometimes I am the last person to leave here and I am usually the first to get back here the next day”, he acknowledged.

According to Forde, they were good days and not so good days; they were ups and downs, but that’s life, all I would say to those whom I am leaving behind is; “it’s your time now... be honest and give of your best at all times”.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alex McKenzie, in his remarks said the retirees have been part of the DNA of the company, helping to shape its presence and contributing to its success over the years.

  “This type of loyalty, consistency, and commitment is to be admired and commands our respect”, he noted.

In these challenging economic times, McKenzie said, where revenues are falling and options are limited, you leave McEnearney in uncertain times, but be assured that it is in our knowledge and your experiences through many difficult times in the past and the legacy you leave behind, that will inspire us to be as determined to overcome all challenges.

McKenzie said that he was sure they were looking forward to a little relaxation, new experiences and doing many things that they had been putting off, but he cautioned them to stay busy and active.

He told all present that MQI and Ansa MacAl have expressed gratitude for the contribution made to the company by those going into retirement and told them that they would be missed, but asked them to keep in touch.

“We will miss your presence on a daily basis, but it’s not goodbye and we will look forward to seeing you periodically as you visit from time to time”, the CEO explained.


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