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MQI at Christmas

The christmas season has been busy with a hype in sales at multi-brand dealers McEnearneyQuality Inc. (MQI).

And Sales Executive Pedro Callender said it has been a rush since the start of the ‘Kia End of the Year Blow out Sale, from new, as well as existing costumers, to satisfy their respective needs in time for the yuletide season.

“Our ‘In One’ promotion has been a fantastic package and has been a hit with Barbadians at this christmas time, although things are not as rosy as in previous years there has been a hype in activity in our showroom which caters to Kia vehicles. They are doing well,” Callender noted.

Looking forward, Callender said, previews of new arrivals for 2015, including the Kia Soul and the electric vehicles,  have also added to the interest among buyers looking at the new year and what will be on offer.

“It has been a busy season so far, and all indications are that it will remain that way until the new year”, he added.

In the BMW showroom, Brand manager Johnny Tudor said that although they have met their target the BMW ti, with it added fuel efficiency and smaller engines continues to see the brand being the vehicle of choice across a broad spectrum of buyers.

And Tudor said returning nationals have caused a spike in activity as they are making use of the new facility offered to them by Government.

“They no longer have to purchase the vehicle in the country where they have been residing, so buying and shipping to Barbados is now a thing of the past and they can return home and buy in Barbados”, the BMW official explained.

According to Tudor, MQI has made owning a new vehicle this christmas easier for everyone; ‘all you have to do is pay us a visit to ensure that you would not be disappointed this christmas and beyond. Merry christmas and happy New Year to all.”


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