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MQI's CEO thanks Government for reduction in taxes

Employee of the Year Cecil Trotman, right, receives his prize from CEO Alex Mckenzie, while Human Resources Manager Debbie Taylor, centre looks on.

The local automotive industry is thankful to Government for the reduction in taxes to the industry.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McEnearneyQuality Incorporated (MQI) Alex Mckenzie in his speech at the company’s annual christmas awards ceremony held in the BMW Showroom last Thursday said that although MQI was profitable this year there was still a long way to go.

“The market has not improved and the industry remains very strained, despite Government’s excise tax reductions in an effort to stimulate sales”,  Mckenzie  noted.

Adding that the industry understands that Government is constrained and that they are thankful for the reduction, Mckenzie said that the global economy continues to struggle and especially the Eurozone-the largest economic trading zone in the world, and the largest trading partner for both the USA and China, and it is unfortunate that the current economic conditions will prevail and that the automotive industry in Barbados will not improve in 2013.

However, in thanking the company’s award winners and long-standing employees, he said that the Kia brand continues to be strong and that they must take full advantage of the opportunities the brand presents and pointed out that they are some reasons to be upbeat and optimist about 2013 in terms of the products and services at MQI.

“Although the new Ford Ranger has been limited in supply with delays and factory related problems, there is a strong demand for this model and I know the sales department is doing its utmost to improve arrivals and take advantage of the opportunities the model presents”, Mckenzie explained.

He said too, that BMW and Mini have both benefited from recent the recent excise tax reductions and with the new 1.6 turbo BMW models coming available and Mini models coming there is the opportunity for sales to improve next year.

“We must continue to improve by striving to be better, be more efficient and more dedicated in our jobs and attitudes, remembering that excellence is not a skill, but an attitude, and called for an all-in effort to provide customers with the absolute best service and experience at any time they come into contact with our company, and keep them coming back and speaking positively about MQI”, he noted.

The company’s Employee of the Year was Cecil Trotman, the shuttle coach driver, while the Salesman of the Year was Michael McClean.

Long service awards were presented to Edwin Hoyte and June Goodman who have been the company for 45 years, while David Trotman was cited for his 35 years of service.

Jacqueline Haynes received an award for being with the company for 30 years, while Alger Greaves received his for his 25 years of service. Fifteen year awards were presented to Nicholas Keizer, Junior Parris and Roger Brewster


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