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New BMW X1, X2 coming next year

Sneak peep: The BMW X1. Coming in June 2015.

German luxury brand automaker BMW is planning for it’s second-generation X1 in less than 12 months time.  And they are saying that from it will also come an X2 version.

The X1 is a five-door five-seater, while the X2 is a three-door with a four-seat interior;  like a small X6. The new entry-level crossovers are due in June 2015 and will be the basis for additional future models on the company’s UKL1 platform.  

The latest Mini Cooper hardtop and recently unveiled 2-series Active Tourer use the UKL1 already and to further streamline operations, BMW is developing the new X1 and upcoming X2 jointly with the second-generation Mini Countryman and Clubman. They will all share the UKL1 platform, drivelines, electrical systems and chassis components. 

BMW hopes the X2 will cost $3,000-$4,000 more than the X1. Today’s longitudinal engine and choice of rear- or four-wheel drive is no more. The new X1 and X2 have a transverse engine layout and either front- or all-wheel drive. 

BMW shortened the hood, moved the windscreen forward and gave the roofline additional slope rearward. BMW says the new model looks less like a small station wagon than today’s models. The new X1 is also a bit smaller, while an extended version is planned for the U.S., China and Russia with a third row, longer rear overhang and bigger cargo area.


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