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Superlatives for the all-new Kia Sorento

The 2016 Kia Sorento

Value-oriented. Perfectly adequate. Aspirational,  and an ambitious move by the Korean automaker. And here is another; Solidity.

Insiders say thay have felt it before in a Kia and now in the new Sorento, which seemed intentionally overbuilt.  

The doors seemed weightier than they needed to be. The dials and knobs were all remarkably wiggle-free. The shifter, exceptionally snug. 

The exterior has styling cues of the Acura MDX on the A- through D-pillars,  plus the Cadenza’s grille and quad fog/running lights up front. The proportions seem slightly off from some angles but looks good and its profile is fairly sleek. 

The interior, however, is far more coherent. Whether or not you like the red leather-ish surfaces found on the demo vehicle, you’ll have to concede that the dashboard design is exceptionally clean and the layout eminently practical. Even the steering wheel-mounted controls have a good feel, with well-weighted detents on the dials for, the radio volume adjustment. Little things go a long way toward justifying the price tag. 

How does it drive? The Sorento doesn’t buzz or wheeze; in fact, it’s fairly quiet on the road, and it doesn’t want for power despite a 4,300-pound curb weight. “Sport” mode is,  nothing to really write home about, but the Sorento is supposed to be comfortable, and body roll fairly well controlled. 

But there is a waiting list for the new ride available from dealers McEnearneyQuality Incorporated. (MQI).


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